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It has been rainy May and going outside in Zürich for a run or on the bike has been a game of timing to avoid the showers. We’ve also not been able to go in the mountains as much as we’d like to. Although 2 out of the 3 times we went, we skied powder. So not complaining too much here!

I’ve been putting up together a little article with the things that have inspired me in May for future time spent outdoors. I’ve been quite excited by bike touring and bikepacking lately and I’m itching to go back on the saddle for a multi-day trip, so you’ll find some bikepacking adventures here. But also, of course, spring ski mountaineering as well as a bit of running motivation.

Hope you feel inspired too!

Sophie Gateau’s pictures during the North Cape 4000

Full story to read here: Northcape 4000: A Journey To The End Of Europe on Bikepacking.com

The North Cape 4000 is a unsupported cycling event that, the year Sophie Gateau rode it, connected Italy to Norway and was a bit more of 4’600 km long. She rode it in 23 days. Her pictures just makes me want to hop on my bike, strap one or 2 bags containing the bare minimums to it and pedal all the way to Norway.

For the French speakers, you can also read Les Rookies’ interview of Sophie, here: Bikepacking en Norvège : les conseils de Sophie Gateau on lesrookies.com.
You can find more of her work on Instagram @sofigato or on her website https://photography.sophiegateau.fr/ .

Sophie Gateau Northcape 4000 Bikepacking

Gaëlle Bojko’s beautiful film of her winter bike ride across Lake Baikal

Full story to watch here: GAËLLE ON TOUR: WHITEOUT

Located in Southern Siberia, Lake Baikal is the biggest reservoir of freshwater in the world. In the winter, it freezes. Last year, Gaëlle Bojko spent a month pedaling 900 km solo across frozen Lake Baikal. While doing it, she also shot on her own this beautiful and mesmerizing short movie.

Gaëlle also wrote an account of her journey for Bikepacking.com: Whiteout: A Winter Journey Across Lake Baikal on Bikepacking.com.
You can find her on Instagram @biketotheblocks.

Deena Kastor’s inspiring book Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

Deena Kastor is an American long-distance runner. In her memoir, she lays out, in a very practical way, how positive thinking has helped her reach her potential as a runner. It is full of very actionable tips and inspires me daily to shift my mindset and look for “the little things” while out on a run.

Deena Kastor Let Your Mind Run JLC

Aaron Rolph’s account of the Haute Route: No Sleep ‘Til Zermatt

Aaron Rolph Mark Chase No Sleep Til Zermatt Sidetracked
Full story to read here: No Sleep ‘Til Zermatt on Sidetracked.com

The Haute Route is an iconic ski link up between Chamonix and Zermatt. It’s a more than 100 km long route, with roughly 8’000m ascent, across glacier, high passes and peaks, with several variations, that most skiers will usually take 6 to 8 days to complete. Aaron Rolph skied it in a single push, becoming the first person to successfully do so through the Verbier route. His récit is enthralling and the pictures taken by Mark Chase left me dreaming of multi day ski traverses in remote terrain.

You can find Aaron @aaronrolph and Mark Chase @markjameschase on Instagram.