You can find the final route of the first chapter of Mammenn, on the Komoot collection “Mammenn Chapitre 1: Jura, Vosges, Alsace” by clicking here.

And you can read about the first 4 days in the Jura here: 4 days in between the hills of the Jura and green lanes along the Doubs.

Monday May 30, 2022
DAY 5: from Plancher-Bas to Guebwiller through the Planche des Belles Filles / 87km, 1 200 meters ascent

That morning I climb the Planche des Belles Filles, first stage in the Vosges. I spent the night at the beautiful farm of a friend of the family who fed me and I slept in a cosy bed.

The road going up to the Planche des Belles Filles (7km ascent with an average 8,7% gradient with a max at 22%) is very calm and the air is crisp. Even if my steel bike with the racks is still heavy, I could leave the panniers at the bottom of the climb and it makes it much easier to go up.

The Map Mammenn 6000 Hexagonal

At the top I chat with a couple who slept in their van and then I enjoy some quiet time by myself with a great view and savour this moment.

That afternoon, I cross into the region of Alsace, where I grew up. It’s quite an emotional moment to see the sign, soon accompanied with a sight of a stork flying. In the evening I meet with a friend of mine from university and his friends to enjoy a well deserved pizza.

At the summit of the Super Planche des Belles Filles

The summit of the Super Planche des Belles Filles

Day 6: the Grand Ballon hiking/trail running / 29km and 1 290 meters of ascent

That day I go up the highest summit of the Vosges massif by foot: le Grand Ballon (1 424m above sea level).

The summit is quite windy so I don’t stay for long. I prefer to enjoy a blueberry pie at the restaurant, but there too I have trouble staying warm so I start the descent quickly.

I start to get tired on the second part of the descent and the free entrance to the swimming pool next to my campground is amazing for my sore feet and muscles. That night is the first I spend alone since the start of the trip, but after chatting with some other campers and a load of laundry, I quickly fall asleep.

View on the Vosges from the summit of the Hohneck

The view while climbing to the Grand Ballon

The Grand Ballon, highest summit of the Vosges

The view from the Grand Ballon

The train station of Sentheim, when arriving in Alsace

Blueberry pie, the treat when arriving to the summit

The Map Mammenn 6000 Hexagonal

Alsatian vineyards

DAY 7: from  Guebwiller to Colmar / 33km, 180m ascent

It’s been 2 big days of cycling or running and that morning I take my time. I only have a short day of cycling to get to Pauline’s place in Colmar where I’ll stay for 2 nights. I haven’t seen her since high school so it’s quite cool to see her again. That day is a nice ride on the vineyards bike route.

Alsatian vineyards


Day 8: Metzeral – the Hohneck – Munster hiking/trail running / 21km and 880m of ascent

After a breakfast with Pauline and her baby boy Helio, I enjoy a stroll through Colmar to get to the train station. Today is on foot again, to reach the Hohneck, second summit of the Vosges. I see several chamois as well as storks on the way back down through Munster.

View on the Vosges from the summit of the Hohneck

Chamois at the Hohneck

The beautiful city of Colmar

View from the Hohneck

The storks in Munster

The little Venice in Colmar

The Map Mammenn 6000 Hexagonal

Canal from Rhône to Rhine

DAY 9: from  Colmar to Strasbourg / 78km, 80m of ascent

I first wanted to stay on the vineyards bike route but the weather forecast shows chances of thunder storms and rain. So instead, I take the canal from the Rhône to Rhine which saves 15 kilometres, but also some ascent.

In the end there is only one shower and I have time to get under a bridge and let it pass while having lunch.

In Strasbourg, I stay at Charlotte’s place, a very good friend of mine who is also going on a bike trip this summer, in Sweden.

The canal under the rain


DAY 10: from Strasbourg to Haguenau / 38km, 60m ascent

After a nice brunch at her place, Charlotte cycle with me to Haguenau, where my parents live and where I grew up. It feels like a big achievement to reach that sign only by biking from Lausanne. Time for a a few days of resting and refueling!

View on the Vosges from the summit of the Hohneck

With Charlotte

Arriving in Haguenau