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Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

My Story

Where It All Began

This is my story about getting to know and falling in love with the outdoors.

I did not grow up skiing or camping or adventuring in the mountains. My life took an unexpected turn when I met a Canadian guy in a bar in Shanghai and eventually left my Parisian dream for Switzerland. Since I haven’t looked back. I learned to ski, to set up a tent and to read contour lines on a map and I spent the last five years roaming the Swiss outdoors.

The Covid pandemic was another disruptive event on a life that seemed to be mapped out. It finally prompted me to leave my corporate life at the beginning of 2022 and to follow a dream that had been growing in the back of my mind: biking and running around France, my home country.

At the risk of sounding cliché, I strongly believe you find growth at the end of your comfort zone.

Endurance and mountain lover

What you’ll find me doing outside

Skiing, running, hiking or riding my bike. If possible uphill.
Add in a bit of yoga, for good measure. And a tent, or the back of a van.

Finish line of the Saintexpress

I only learned to skis in my mid twenties, but in the winter, you’ll find me on the touring or cross-country skis. Nothing makes my heart soar like the sight of a white alpine scenery. I’ve a lot of incredible memories exploring the Swiss Alps that I’m lucky to share with my boyfriend, who introduced me to the sports.

I like to say that I accidentally discovered cycling when signing up for a triathlon. I’m now hooked to the feeling of freedom that a bike procures and I like to jungle between road cycling, touring or mountain biking.

Running is my first love and I now seek the sensation of flow that the trails can procure. For my first race, I signed up for a “maratrail” format: I ran 46km on trails through the night (and the snow) and I really loved it!



I love to share my adventures in stories, pictures and hand drawn maps.
I’m fascinated by the power of storytelling and I hope to show that adventure is just around the corner and to encourage everybody to get out there.

MAMMENN, the Hexagonal 6’000

summer 2022. 4 months. 6’000 km. 128 french croissants.

A homecoming, on the bike and on foot.

the map


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