When I see your light shine, I know I’m home.
If you’re waiting all your life, you will never go.

Vance Joy, We’re going home

The Project

A Homecoming

Mammenn f. -où (breton): origin, root.

Named as a wink to my Breton origin, this project brings together my love for running and biking outdoors and my desire to (re)discover my home country, France.

From June to September, I plan to cover more than 6’000 human-powered kilometres to revisit places that are close to my heart and discover parts of France that I don’t know yet.

Coffee Bean

6'000 kilometres

On the bike and on foot.

Coffee Bean

80'000 meters ascent

9 times Mount Everest.

Coffee Bean

4 months

Around France.

Coffee Bean

135 french croissants

Or pains au chocolat…

The Map

6’000 kms around France

I will cycle the main route, following several “véloroutes” around France. In order get to know and enjoy some places better, I’m bringing my trail runners to run or hike some emblematic spots of the regions I’m traversing.



All the latest about Mammenn, the Hexagonal 6’000:
training, gear, stories and pictures of the trip.
Bicycle Touring Between Lake Neuchâtel and the Jura Massif

Bicycle Touring Between Lake Neuchâtel and the Jura Massif

Yverdon-Les-Bains is a beautiful little town on the western tip of Lake Neuchâtel. I’m not immune to the charm of its center, with cobblestone streets and houses painted in terracotta and yellow shades. After refueling with coffee and apple pie, I change into short cycling bibs in the toilets of the bakery and wave goodbye to Yverdon. A few kilometers later, I stop at a closed campsite on the lakeshore to apply a generous amount of sunscreen on my legs. The rays of sun of the lake, sandy beach and tall pines make it feel like I’m somewhere on the Mediterranean.

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The Gear

What I’m bringing

Find out everything I’m bringing with me, from the bike touring set-up, to the camping and running gear.

This gear list is a work-in-progress that might evolve during the trip.

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